Couse 501 Intellectual Property IT Law: World of Big Data Part I
Course 502 Intellectual Property IT Law: World of Big Data Part II
Course 503 Corporate Governance
Course 504 Estate and Tax Planning
Course 505 Labor and Employment Law in Review
Course 506 Supreme Court Cases: Labor and Employment Law
Course 507 Ethics; Practice Law with Integrity
Course 508 Private Investigations and Interrogations
Course 509 Bias: Labor EEOC Ruling
course 510 Ethics: Legal and Ethical Implications of Ebola
Course 512 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation
Course 513 Bankruptcy Law
Course 514 Human Trafficking
Course 515 Substance Abuse and Legal Competence
Course 516 Labor Law: Conflict of Law in Labor and Discrimination Casework
Course 517 Current Events in Real Estate Law
Course 518 Ethics: Navigating the Cloud and Social Media
Course 520 North American Union and How it Affects your Law Practice
Course 521 Family Law and Mexican Law
Course 522 Trial Tactics in Limine to Closing in 50 Minutes
Course 523 A Judge's View of Small Claims Court
Course 524 Introduction to Family Law
Course 525 Introduction to Criminal Law
Course 526 Ethics; Ethical and Legal Implications of Ebola Part II
Course 527 Winning a Personal Injury Case
Course 528 Winning a Business Litigation Case
Course 529 Criminal Felony Trials
Course 530 Workers Compensation: Obtaining Medical Care after SB 863 and Case Law
Course 531 Criminal Law, Post Conviction and Youth Offender Parole Hearings SB 260, PC Section 3051
Course 532 Winning Claimant's Social Security Benefits
Course 533 Protecting Contractor Remedies
Course 534 Ethics: Prosecutorial Misconduct
Course 535 Spectrum of Mediation and ADR
Course 536 Special Needs Trusts
Course 537 Civil Law and Motion
Course 538 Insurance Law: An Overview
Course 539 Ethics; US Supreme Court Case ADA Young vs. UPS
Course 540 Ethics: Supreme Court Case, the First Amendment & Conflicts of Interest
Course 541 Dental Malpractice
Course 542 Labor and Employment Law Review: Supreme Court Cases
Course 543 Real Estate Law: Partition Sales and Accounting
Course 544 Tax Law: Overview of Civil and Criminal Tax Litigation
Course 545 Estate Planning
Course 546 Real Estate, Labor & Tax Law: Bararsani vs. Coldwell Banker
Course 547 Dental Malpractice
Course 548 Protecting Contractor Remedies
Course 549 US Supreme Court 1st Amendment Free Speech vs. Hate Speech
Course 550 US Supreme Court, Same Sex Marriage, Obergefell vs. Hodges
Course 600 US Supreme Court: Medellin vs. Texas
Course 601 Legal Competency: US Supreme Court Panetti vs. Quarterman
Course 602 Workers Compensation Case Review
Course 603 Ethics: Hulk Hogan Case: Social Media, Privacy and 1st Amendment
Course 604 Revised Uniform Liability Company Act, Part 1
Course 605 Revised Uniform Liability Company Act Part 11
Course 606 Winning a Personal Injury Case: The Problems, Mistakes and Solutions
Course 607 Civil Law and Motion
Course 608 Real Estate Law: The New Revocable Transfer on Death Deed
Course 609 US Supreme Court Criminal Law: Denial of Habeus Writ of Cameron Todd Willingham
Course 610 Ethics: Practice Law with Integrity
Course 611 Bias: Judicial Bias and the Death Penalty: Williams vs. Pennsylvania 15-1540
Course 612 Bias: Legal Competency, Substance Abuse & Bias: US Supreme Court Raytheon v. Hernandez
Course 613 U.S. Supreme Court Cases Immigration
Course 614 Family Law
Course 616 Medical Marijuana Use: Law and Issues with Real Estate
Course 617 OSHA and Serious and Willful Misconduct Claims in Workers Compensation
Course 618 CAL/OSHA Mission, Strategy, Citations and Appeals
Course 619 OSHA: Electronic Recordkeeping Rules
Course 620 Substance Abuse/Competency: Marijuana, Drug Abuse and Workplace Safety
Course 621 FLSA, the Overtime Rule
Course 622 Top Workplace Injury Verdicts
Course 623 Emergency Action and IIPP(Injury and Illness Prevention) Plans