Hot off the Press--Our 600 Series 26 hour CD Bundle has Just Arrived


Hot off the Press--- Our Series 600 Bundle CDs for 26 hours have just arrived. These include the 4 ethics, 1 substance abuse and 1 bias. Also included is

1 The Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage and the14th Amendment 

2 Supreme Court: 1st Amendment, Free Speech vs Hate Speech

3.Ethics: Supreme Court, 1st Amendment & Conficts of Interest,

4. The most recent case information about Bararsani vs. Coldwell Banker which is real estate, tax law and labor law combined

5. Labor and Employment Law: Supreme Court Decisions

6. Civil and Criminal Tax Litgation

7. Estate Planning Updates

Plus if you order the CDs we give you a webinar option to watch other courses of your choosing

Call today  to beat the renewal deadline 916 652 3000 or order online  here







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  • Larry Freeman
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